Thursday, 13 February 2014

Portugal location shoot

It's been a mixed bag of weather here in Portugal since we arrived nearly 2 weeks ago...we were met with blue skies and sunshine on the first day...

but then the rain set in and it's been raining every day except two! Very difficult when trying to do summer shots on a beach!

However, we've made the most of the couple of sunny days and my favourite location was a beautiful meadow where we shot a picnic scene..we've done endless BBQ shots and shot a two fabulous villas as well..

I was happy to be so close to the beach as well to be able to go for a few's so quiet around the area we are staying..I was the only person around!

We've not had much time where we've not been working, but when I had to go out to buy props I couldn't help myself stopping off to take these snaps of this beautiful old Portuguese house I passed..