Thursday, 13 February 2014

Portugal location shoot

It's been a mixed bag of weather here in Portugal since we arrived nearly 2 weeks ago...we were met with blue skies and sunshine on the first day...

but then the rain set in and it's been raining every day except two! Very difficult when trying to do summer shots on a beach!

However, we've made the most of the couple of sunny days and my favourite location was a beautiful meadow where we shot a picnic scene..we've done endless BBQ shots and shot a two fabulous villas as well..

I was happy to be so close to the beach as well to be able to go for a few's so quiet around the area we are staying..I was the only person around!

We've not had much time where we've not been working, but when I had to go out to buy props I couldn't help myself stopping off to take these snaps of this beautiful old Portuguese house I passed..

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Argos 'Home' Brochure Spring Summer 2014

The Spring Summer 2014 edition is a mixture of studio and location shots and looks like it's going to be another great shoot to work on. We've got 2 weeks of shooting in the studio and then off to Portugal to create the outdoor dining shots..BBQ's galore!

The Home brochure is not only produced as a printed version, but there's an ipad version as well with more shots in. Check out the existing magazines on the Argos ipad app for some fantastic photography, all done in house by our photography and styling teams.

Today I'm working on the prep for the Portugal shots so it's going to be a day of moodboards, tear sheets and planning what products to use for each shot..

Argos 'Home' Brochure Autumn Winter 2013 shots

Here's some of the shots I styled for the Autumn Winter 2013 Argos Home brochure including the front cover..

Where does time go?!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged! With Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and everything else we now do on a daily basis, it makes it hard to keep up!

I'm currently working on the new Spring Summer edition of the Argos 'Home' brochure..

The first one came out Spring 2013 and a second one in the Autumn. It's a huge team that works on them to make it happen from the designers, buyers, art directors, set builders, photographers and stylists. I was one of 4 stylists working on both of the editions last year.

In the Spring/Summer 2013 I styled this bathroom and cushion shot..